Dinogeția (village Garvăn, commune Jijila, county Tulcea)

Dinogetia (Garvăn, Tulcea County)

This site has a complex chronology: pre-Roman Getae settlement, Roman castrum in the II-nd century (well documented in epigraphy); late Roman citadel (end of the III-rd century – beginning of the VII-th century); Middle Byzantine fortress (X-th – XII-th centuries). It had a significant strategic and commercial importance, by its position on the right side, near the bend of the Danube, facing the Galați – Barboși fort. The early Roman Age Castellum kept detachments of several military units: legio V Macedonica, legio I Italica, cohors I Mattiacorum, cohors I Cilicum, as well as a military unit belonging to the fleet (classis Flavia Moesica).

The late Roman Citadel, in a very good conservation state, has a trapeze shape and a 2.50m thick wall, 14 towers (horseshoe shaped and fan shaped), monumental gateway to the east and secondary gates to the north and west (these latter ones being taken out of use at a later time). The outside the precinct is completely cleared on the south, west and north-west sides. Streets, living quarters, warehouses, late Roman principia, V-th – VI-th century basilica (located westward from the main gate, between towers number 1 and 2, it suffers a series of architectural changes during the reigns of Emperors Anastasius and Justinian, as the tegular material identified during the archaeological research proves), III-rd – IV-th century researched and conserved thermae, located at a 100m distance southwards from the fortress, were identified. In the X-th – XII-th centuries, mud-huts habitation is overlapping the Roman fortress; small sized church is to be found in the middle of the fortress.

Roman, late Roman, Roman-Byzantine, Middle Byzantine necropolises are to be found in the protected area (partially) and to the west, and south west from the fortress. Archaeological research started from 1939; and research is still continued in the extra muros area (earthen defense ramparts and Middle Byzantine habitation).

There is an archaeological base (non-electrified) and the site is public property (the “Vasile Pârvan” Archaeology Institute of the Romanian Academy), but improvements are necessary – an archaeology reservation of approximately 7 ha is necessary. The site is partially enhanced by exhibitions in MNIR and ICEM Tulcea. Organizing a site museum is mandatory. The site is located 5 km to the north-west from the village of Gărvan, 1 km eastward from DN Galaţi-Tulcea (DN 22) National Road.

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